A Mazing Monk

A mazing monk is a casual puzzle game.
It is about a monk on his journey to become a Buddha.

The game is played on top of a large cube, which consists of several smaller ones.
You have to help the monk to collect karma and when you have enough a doorway will 
open to the next level-the next state of mind.

But be aware of the small evil soldiers, if they get to you, they will kill you.
By rotating the rows of the cube you can change the landscape. 
This way you can trap the soldiers and make a passble way to the doorway when it opens.
When you have solved three of these cubes the little monk will reach his goal.

Game Director
Paw Charlie Ravn
Game Designer
Anders Vang Pedersenn
Project Manager
Morten Eistrøm Andersen
Lead Game Programmer
Peter Magnus Falk
Game Programmers
Philip Mygind
Ali Emek
Olga Dmitricenko
Lead Animator
Andreas Husballe
Jonas Doctor
Art director
Simone Cecilie Møller
Lead CG Artist
Jonas M. Andreassen
CG Artist
Mads L. Christensen
Visual Artists
Ida Dirksen
Jannik Faarvang Petersen
Level Designers
Ture Slot Bundgaard
Karol Kvaran
Audio Designers and Composers
Jakob Hougaard Andersen
Rune Thuelund