A mother loses her son on a train and must confront the five demons of loss in order to get him back. You play as the mother in this disturbing and uncompromising vision of a train ride gone to hell.

Game Director: David Adler
Game Designer: Rune Hilbert
Level Designer: Jens Højlund Lauridsen
Lead Game Programmer: Simon Millard
Game Programmers: Goncalo Bastos, Marcos Fuentes, Agne Gediminskafte, Alexandru Savu, Lukasz Tomczak, Qunyan Yu
Art Director: Alexander Kramerov
Animators: Michael Bech, Rie Nymand
CG Artists: Christoffer Boas Andersen, Christian Gyldmark
Audio Designer: Bjørn Jacobsen
Project Manager: Jesper Knudsen
Business Developers: Lene Amstrup-Jensen, Sophie Thomsen

A Mother's Inferno Gameplay DADIU 2011