Anton og Katastrofen

Somewhere in a big dirty city a boy named Anton is being bullied in the schoolyard. He’s being bullied because of his height and his long limbs. He finally has it and runs out into the city on his own. As he walks around crying he hears a dry cough behind him and out of a narrow alley comes a shabby looking cat. The cat looks at Anton with a big white smile and tells him that he’s got a treatment for his condition, the only thing he needs in order to treat him is for Anton to sign a simple formula. Anton signs right away, and the cat pulls out a big device, pushes a single button and immediately Anton starts shrinking! But not only is Anton shrinking, the cat grows humongously tall. He coughs out a long dry laughter, crushes the shrinking device with his enormous paws and starts knocking down the buildings around him. Anton now realizes what a disastrous situation he’s gotten himself and the city into. And this is where the adventure begins as Anton sets off, limited by his new size, to gather the shrinking device, beat the cat and return to his good old self!

Game Director: Claudia A. Bille Stræde
Game Designer: Kristian Bak
Project Manager: Jonathan Borup Jacobsen
Lead Game Programmer: Frederik K. Frandsen
Programmers: Henrik Otte Sørensen
Programmers: Jacob Sloth Laursen
Programmers: Jakob Boesen Madsen
Programmers: Johannes Garm Nielsen
Programmers: Jais Heslegrave
Art Director: Bidda Camilla Solvang Poulsen
Lead Animator: Lasse Rasmussen
Animator: Asger Grevil
CG Artist: Thorvaldur Gunnarsson
Audio Designer: Lasse Wingreen