The Art Director is part of the Lead Team, who is responsible for defining the concept for the game in close collaboration with the team.  

The Art Director is responsible for the design, visual concept, the production, and the stylistic consistency of the game’s visual universe as well as marketing materials. 

The Art Director ensures the productions of concept sketches, storyboards, color palettes, etc. in collaboration with the art team defining the visual concept of the game.

The Art Director ensures producing concepts on the interactive interfaces (intro, login, instructions, in-game, load screens, extro) with descriptions of the control elements (direct manipulation, menus, etc.) as well as feedback elements in collaboration with the team.

The Art Director ensures production of visual marketing materials, mood boards, instructions, covers, load-screens, logos, posters, website, etc. in collaboration with the art team.

The Art Director, in collaboration with the Lead Programmer and the art team, ensures the construction concept(s) and budgets for the 2D and 3D elements.

The Art Director is, in collaboration with the Game Director and Project Manager, responsible for planning and estimating the workload for the art team in compliance with the time and resources available.

The Art Directors come from The Royal Danish Academy, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.