Back to Bed

Bob the sleepwalker have a habit of always falling asleep in hazardous places. Luckily for Bob, his subconscious protector, Subob, is always ready to save him. Now the challenge for Subob is to guide Bob to safety, across rooftops, avoiding falls and around dangerous creatures from the nightmares of Bob.

Game Director: William Jakob Reynish
Game Designer: Jonas Byrresen
Level Designer: Thomas Thomsen
Lead Programmer: Henrik Ossipoff Hansen
Programmers: Dion Christensen, Daniel Collado, Adam Rene Gregersen, Anders Hesselager, Lasse Juul-Jensen, Morten Albeck Nielsen
Art Director: Adrielle Therese Buus-Pedersen
Animators: Katrine Killerich Poulsen, Sarah-Mia Theil
CG Artists: Henrik Christensen, Jakob Witt
Audio Designer and Composer: Morten Knudsen
Project Manager: Klaus Pedersen
Voice Acting: Nis Bank-Mikkelsen
Voice recording: David Springborg
Voice Editing: Kristian Nordentoft
Business Developer: Jacob Emil Opstrup

Back to Bed Poster DADIU 2011