Make your very own bunny-rhino-mole – and set it loose in a dangerous world of spikes and pitfalls. In this
casual and cartoony 3D puzzle platformer you have to use animals’ innate abilities to get safely through
obstacle filled levels.
Blend animals to get a blendimal – but you have to choose your animals carefully and plan your strategy of
getting through the course. Sometimes you even have to sacrifice some blendimals to get there.

Game director: Dennis Nielsen
Game designer: Nicki Thomas Hansen
Project manager: Ditte Rønhøj Frostholm
Lead game programmer: Jakob Svane Knudsen
Game programmer: Olivier Rouiller
Game programmer: Jacob Sloth Laursen
Art director: Ida Dirksen
Lead CG artist: Rune Rask
CG artist: Ida Maria S. Andreasen
Lead animator: Erik Thygesen
Animator: Nikolaj Themothæussen
Composer: Morten Lund Søegaard
Sound effects: Dennis Nielsen