The game is a precision platformer where you control blobs with different powers and abilities. The objective of the game is to reach the end goal with as many blobs and shell coins as possible, while hunting and avoiding other blobs on the way to the top.

Credits listed alphabetically

Amin Amin- Level Designer
Kenneth Heine Berle - Programmer
Mads Bjerre - Project Manager
Rasmus Larsen Brix - Business Developer
Thomas Larsen Brix - Business Developer
Kasper Grønbak Christensen - QA Programmer
Kristian Flint - Lead Programmer
Nina Folkersen Game Designer
Lars Hansen - Business Developer
Daniel Mørk Hansen - Business Developer
Mark Bansak Iversen - Animator
Anders Handrup Jørgensen - Art Director
Kasper Urban Kajgaard - QA & UX Manager
Markus Villekjær Lassen - Sound Designer
Benjamin Legarth - QA & UX Team Manager
Axel Lorenzen - Business Developer
Christian Nielsen - Business Developer
Mads Hagemann Nielsen - QA & UX Manager
Phillip Hundevad Nymann - QA & UX Team Manager
Andreas Sikjær Olsen - CG Artist
Christian Hovmand Petersen - Business Developer
Paw Charlie Ravn - Game Director
Guillermo Robles Fernández - Programmer
Martin Heyn Skytte - Lead & Pip