An orphan boy is searching for his sister in a big scary scrapyard. The sister has been kidnapped by an evil witch. The witch also cursed the boy with magnetism. Now he has to find a way to control the curse to survive and ultimately save his sister.

Game Director: Morten B. Zachariassen
Game Designer: Kayode “K” Shonibare-Lewis
Level Design: Martin Colith
Lead Game Programmer: Daniele Brazzolotto
Game Programmers: Nicholas Borkowski, Piotr Andrzej Żywień, René Bech Korsgaard
Animator: Ingrid Marie Hjelmerud
Art Director: Embla Vigfúsdóttir
Visual Artist: Mikkel Grann
CG Artists: Julie Elliott, Kåre Pelle, Tomek Kalski
Audio Design and Composer: Mikkel Fabricius Smitt
Project Manager: Samuel Walz
Narrator: Tom McEwan
Additional voices: Line Viirenfeldt Pedersen

Cantrip Gameplay DADIU 2012