Catnapped! is a puzzle adventure game about a Teddy Bear who has been trapped in a basement and has to fight his way back out of the basement. The game consists of several sub-games, which constitute an overall game arch telling the story of the Teddy bear. Each sub-game is a different challenge to the player,who uses the 5 sub games to “train” for the final boss fight against the wicked cat. The core game ideas in Catnapped! are interaction with the environment, the animosity between the Bearand Cat. The Bear acts as an avatar for the player and has a pull string in his back which he uses to interact with the game environtment.

Game Director: Mai Sydendal
Game Designer: Nicki Thomas Hansen
Project Manager: Morten Elkjær Larsen
Audio Designer: Troels Fløe
Art Director: Dennis Art Andersen
Visuel Designer: Sophus Vinther
Lead Animator: Esben Jespersen
Animator: Drude Mangaard
Lead Programmer: Mads Baadsman
Lead Programmer: Lasse Orda
Programmer: Mikkel Færch Hansen
Programmer: Helge Willum Larsen
Programmer: Klaes Rasmussen