The CG Artist develops and produces the 3D world of the game. A CG Artist must have a balance of artistic sensibilities, and technical understanding to make sure that everything works in accordance with the game concept.

The CG Artist produces the necessary 3D models from 2D design in collaboration with the Game Director, the Art Director, the Animator, the Game Designer and the Level Designer.

The CG Artist works with the Animators to produce character models that functions in relation to the animation.

The CG Artist works with the Game Programmer to make sure that the 3D models functions inside the game engine.

The CG Artist works with the Art Director, Visual Designer and the Level Designer in relation to texturing of the 3D models.

The Lead CG Artist is responsible for – in collaboration with the Game Director and Project Manager – planning and assessing the scope of the work in relation to available time and resources.

The CG Artists come from Truemax Academy in Copenhagen.