Let the mystical world of Clockwork Dream enchant you in this atmospheric point-and-tap art game filled with shattered machinery and clock figurines slowly coming to life as you play the game. Help a clock ballerina and her helper, a little time spirit, restore the shattered clockwork in which they live.

Credits listed alphabetically

Benjamin Blaabjerg - Audio Designer
Ursula Blix - Game Director
Marta Clavero - Game Designer
Katharina Schneider Egholm - CG Artist
Philip Hargett - QA&UX Manager
Martin Haugaard - Programmer
Simon Hilligsoee - CG Artist
Rasmus Jensen - Programmer
Thorbjørn S. Kaiser - QA Programmer
Christoffer Wadum Larsen - Pipeline Programmer
Benjamin Legarth - QA&UX Manager
Marco Liboà - Project Manager
Eleftherios Manousakis - Lead Programmer
Jeanette Falk Olesen - Level Designer
Ludwig Sandbacka - Art Director
Lasse von Fintel Sostack - QA&UX Manager