In Clouds you are a weather-god who controls clouds to impact the environment on a floating island where small villagers live. They are in desperate need of your weather-powers to make rain so they can grow grain, get tree from forest and make lakes to rescue the land from drying. 

Credits - listed alphabetically
Miki Anthony - Game Designer
Thais Borgholm - Pipeline Programmer
Niels Elmvig Bruhn - Game Director
Andreas Dalsaa - QA manager & UX Manager
Nicolai Værum Døssing – QA & UX Manager
Henrik Geertsen - QA Programmer
Tobias Gislason - Game Test Consultant
Martin Grünbaum - Programmer
Dennis Funch Hansen – QA & UX Manager
Henrik Hedegaard - Audio Designer
Marie-Louise Hedegaard - Animator
Nick Jakobsen - CG Artists
Espen Jensen – QA & UX Manager
Glenn Lange - Art Director
Lau Nielsen - Level Designer
Xiaojing Ma - Business Developer
Thomas Kjærgaard Malowanczyk -
Lead Programmer Georgi Muerov - Programmer
Nichlas Petersen - CG Artists
Lasse Rasmussen – QA & UX Manager
Kimie Bodin Ryager - Project Manager
Ulf Gaarde Simonsen - Programmer
Julia Skov - Business Developer
Wojciech Terepeta - Programmer
Nanna Fischer Topp - Lead QA manager & UX manager
Dimitrios Tsirozoglou - Programmer
Dilan Yuksel - Visual Designer