Creaky Old Memory

Creaky Old Memory puts players in the role of Tatiana, an elderly Russian lady, who must journey through the nooks and crannies of her self-fabricated house in order to reveal the truth about her own past. The game features a morbid plot, slowly revealing secrets about the main character’s mysterious past. Creaky Old Memory features adult themes, envisioned to appeal to a discerning audience of 35+ year olds, not necessarily used to playing video games on a regular basis.
The game features a two-fold structure: First, the player must collect paintings which tell the story of the main character’s past. Then, the player is challenged to search for clues
and hidden meanings in the paintings. These clues provide the player with the means to progress through the game.


Game Director: Carina Randløv
Game Designer: Frederik Andersen
Project Manager: Kjartan Olafsson
Lead Game Programmer: Alexander Ivanchenko
Game Programmer: Athanasios Kasampalis
Lead Animator: Eva Lee Walberg
Photos on the Wall: Touraj Khosravi
Art Director: Simone Cecilie Møller
Lead CG artist: Jonathan Brüsch
CG Artist: Adrian Dexter
Visual artist: Stefan Greulich
Level designer: Ida Kjær Sejrsen
Audio Designer and Composer: Peter Fjordbak Sørensen
Voice Actor: Alexander Ivanchenko