You are sent into a quarantined apartment complex to clean up after a corporation has tested a system that enables travel to a digital dimension. But the system has malfunctioned and all the residents disappeared. Your mission is to shut it down, but be careful! The place is haunted by virtual ghosts.

Director: Mai Ulrikka Sydendal
Game Designer: Lélia Peuchamiel
Level Designer: Christian Bæk Hansen
Lead Programmer: Danni B. Schou
Programmer: Andreas Thorning
Programmer: Frederik Buus Sauer
Programmer: Jens-Kristian Nielsen
Programmer: Mads Ohm Larsen
Programmer: Martin Rogne
Programmer: Valdis Vilcans
Art Director: Jakob Kiilerich
CG Artist: Kasper Kamstrup
CG Artist: Grant Musgrove
Animator: Ronnie Vilhelmsen
Audio Designer: Jeppe Lindegaard Karkov
Project Manager: Roman Graebsch
Voice Actor: Kristian Ravn
Business Developers: Iulia Apostol, Frida Thaisen

Distorpia Gameplay DADIU 2011