Don Q

Don Q – King of the Mill is a casual strategy game based on the famous story of Don Quixote. Based on the concept of a reversed tower defense game, you take the role of Don Q as he sets out on an adventure to prove his knighthood.
Through his delusional mind, the world of La Mancha comes alive with frightening enemies that you must defeat by creating armies of simple peasants and lead them down a path to down or glory. Fight everything from lemon trees and scarecrows to silos and the famous windmills and replay the levels to improve your score and gain the most admirable rank. Don Q also participates in the joyful chaos on his horse Rosinante, as you can guide him to the sparkling gold coins – but beware, as he will run away at the very sight of the dangerous creatures!


Director: Malte Pedersson
Game Designer: Mirko Scherf
Project Manager: Jesper Nielsen
Art Director: Stine Munkesø Kjærbøll
Visual Designer: Alexander Kramerov
Audio Designer: Morten Mygind Pedersen
Lead Programmer: Peter Magnus Falk
Programmer: Philip Mygind
Lead Animator: Christian Bøving Andersen
Level Designer: Naja Kragh Jensen
Lead CG Artist: Lasse Smith
CG Artist: Lars Malte Jelshøj