Control the dragon as she flies through the air to help her captured friends inside dark crystals. Smash through these crystals, free the friends and remember to use the special orbs to your advantage.

Beware! Stay too long before going through the portal, and the evil creatures will
overcome you.

Credits -listed alphabetically
Anders Bender - Programmer
Mads Bock Christensen - Programmer
Dennis Bækgaard - Programmer
Andreas Dalsaa - QA and UX Manager
Nicolai Værum Døssing - QA and UX Manager
Anders Heindorff Frederiksen - Art Director
Daniel Steinar Fridjonsson - Programmer
Niels Haslund Grarup - Level Designer
Dennis Funch Hansen - QA and UX Manager
Karla Nor Holmbäck - Game Director
Espen Jensen - QA and UX Manager
Daniel Bjørn Jessen - Audio Designer and Composer
Christoffer Lykke Larsen - CG Artist
Andreas Lau - Programmer
Mathias Laugesen - Business Developer
Michael Lund - Game Designer
Frederik Luxhøi - Business Developer
Jacob Sax Maarbjerg - Programmer
Emil Munch - CG Artist
Martin Nejsum - QA and UX Manager
Nicholas Pathuel - Lead Animator
Brian Pedersen - Programmer
Marc Pilgaard - Lead Programmer
Christian Yde Rasmussen - Project Manager
Lasse Rasmussen - QA and UX Manager
Kasper Fischer  Topp - Technical Artist
Nanna Fischer Topp - Lead QA and UX Manager