You control a giant old lady called Else that walks the surface of the earth. Some of the major cities on our planet are under attack by alien spaceships. You have to find these cities and chase away the evil aliens before the cities are destroyed.

Game director: Kristian Nordentoft
Game designer: Jesper Larsen
Project manager: Jonathan Borup Jacobsen
Lead game programmer: Johannes Garm Nielsen
Game programmer: Frederik Kristian Frandsen
Game programmer: Mikkel Færch Hansen
Art director: Nikolaj Weitze Severin
Lead CG artist: Benny Aas Mathiesen
CG artist Tanja: Hass Nielsen
Lead animator: Kenneth Ladekjær
Animator: Anne-Marie Laursen
Soundscapes: Janus Novak
Sound effects: Rune Thuelund
Voice actors: Jonathan Feig
Max Buthke

Thanks to
Teachers and pupils at: Byplanvejens Skole, Skørping Skole and Seminarie Skolen
Thomas and Dolan at Bretteville
(No aliens were permanently damaged during the development of this game)