Run for your life! Tackle to survive! Exodroid is a 3D action-packed single player racing game. It takes place in a futuristic setting where you play a broken android that has been sent to the underground recycling facility. Your survival race starts when you miraculously rebooted just before ending in the melting pot – Now you got 6 new legs! Run fast and escape from the facility! Fight against the System robots trying to stop you! Tackle and rip legs off from them before they take yours! ExoDroid – Rip&Run or Die!

Director: Maremi Watanabe
Game Designer: Anna Helene Beck-Thomsen
Project Manager: Jakob Hald
Lead Visual Designer: Stine Munkesø Kjærbøll
Visual Designer: Thorbjørn Lynggaard Sørenson
Lead Audio Designer and Composer: Emil G. Andersson
Lead Game Programmer: Michal Biskup
Game Programmer: Nicolai Schweitz
Lead Animator: Daniel Dion Christensen
Animator: Pernille Ørum-Nielsen
Lead Modeler: Andreas Thomsen
Modeler: Michael Lund Fonsholt