The Game Director is part of the Lead Team, who is responsible for defining the concept for the game in close collaboration with the team.  

The Game Director’s most important task is leading the team and maintaining the overview of the game and hence ensure the realization with regard to the concept as well to what is possible. 

The Game Director has executive responsibilities and powers, but does not make decisions on schedule and implementation.

The Game Director is, in collaboration with the team, responsible for developing and continuously updating the Game Design Presentation in a short and precise manner to communicate the concept and idea(s) of the game. 

The Game Director, in collaboration with the Lead Team, has the responsibility for having the game tested on the target audience.

The Game Director is, in collaboration with the team and Project Manager, responsible for planning and assessing the scope of the work in compliance with the time and resources available.

The Game Directors come from The National Film School of Denmark