Game Programmer
The Game Programmer has the technical responsibility for implementing the game through technical solutions such as pipelines, builds, tests, and general implementation.

During the pre-production and in collaboration with the team, the Game Programmer designs and produces prototypes and technical designs as proof of concept. 

Aside from implementing gameplay, logic, and technical solutions, the game programmer is working on the overall technical structure(s) and system(s) of the game and take part in optimization and bug fixing.

Some will undertake specific roles as pipeline programmer, QA programmer, motion matching programmer, and others will solve problems that arises from the specific needs of the games (e.g. physics, advanced algorithms, sound etc.).

Lead Programmer
The Lead Programmer is part of the Lead Team, who is responsible for defining the concept for the game in close collaboration with the team.  

The Lead Programmer ensures the production of designs, prototypes, pipelines, etc. in collaboration with the technical team defining the technical framework of the game.

The Lead Programmer is responsible for breaking down the design document into smaller programmable parts within the time given.

During the production, the Lead Programmer is responsible for ensuring that the programming and implementation complies with the game design.

The Lead Programmer is, in collaboration with the technical team and Project Manager, responsible for planning and assessing the scope of the work in compliance to time and resources available.

The Lead Programmer is appointed by the team just before the start of Mini Game Production II.

The Programmers come from DTU, Computer Science at University of Copenhagen, Medialogy at Aalborg University in both Copenhagen and Aalborg, and The IT University of Copenhagen.