Grablins are greedy little monsters with an enormous love for gold. Their gold-cravings compel them to plunder through forests and villages. But the peasants stay guard, ready to catch and lock them away. Fortunately every Grablin possess a special ability, so in joined forces they can overcome almost everything.

Credits - listed alphabetically
Georgi Anastasov - Programmer                
Mikkel Lysgård Andersen - Level Designer            
Chris Bjerremose - Game Director            
Dan Alex Constantin Brasovean - Programmer                
Marie-Louise Christensen - Project Manager         
Andreas B. Dalsaa - QA & UX Manager
Nicolai Værum Døssing - QA & UX Manager 
Jacob Gyldenløve - Business Developer
Dennis Funch Hansen - QA & UX Manager
Mathias Højsleth - Programmer    
Espen Jensen - QA & UX Manager      
Sindri Johansson - Animator                     
Kent Kostelac - Programmer                
Peter Sandvad Larsen - Programmer                
Stefan Lindgren - Art Director     
Martin Gejl Lund - CG Artist                     
Svavar Melberg - Lead Programmer       
Nichlas Korgaard Møller - Programmer    
Martin B. Nejsum - QA & UX Manager      
Nichlas Bo Nielsen - Programmer    
Jeppe Kjærsgaard Nielsen - CG Artist                     
Vinicius Rovtar Pinton - Game Designer
Frans Rasmussen - Business Developer
Lasse H. Rasmussen - QA & UX Manager      
Kaare Rievers - Programmer                
Nanna T. Fischer Topp - Lead QA & UX Manager
Lukas Wendt - Audio Designer           
Christian Zimmermann - Programmer