You play as Blake Damon – an outlaw road rager who has driven himself to hell. Your V8 muscle car is your weapon as you drive to survive on Hell’s Highway. Crush hell spawned imps to drain their bodies for the powerful Hell Juice and destroy the demon truck chasing you.

Game Director: Dennis Nielsen
Game Designer: Mikkel Winther
Level Designer: Johnny Josefsen
Lead Programmer: Petr Papez
Programmers (listed alphabetically): Didac Rodriguez,  Evangelos Moussas, Kristina Maconi Nielsen,  Morten Havmøller Laursen, Niels Frederiksen, Noy Rotbart
Art Director: Ann-Sofie Bonde Jacobsen
Animator: Filip Max Müller
CG artists:  (listed alphabetically): Rene Juul Madsen,  Sofia Anna Evangelou
Audio Designer: Ulrich Ejvang Brandt
Project Manager: Kristoffer Davis Foldbjerg
Voice Actors (listed alphabetically): Meinhard St John (‘Bob’),  Sonny Mike Olsen (‘Blake’)
Business Developers:  Karin Pinnerup Christensen, Marie Christensen

Hell Driver gameplay DADIU 2011