You have recently died and now you are trapped. There is only one way out, and to get there you have to confront the demons of your mind. Fortunately, some parts of your will still reside in you, manifesting through powers in your hands. Use these powers to escape and reach salvation. 

Game Director: Mads Guldborg Bøge
Game Designer: Steffen Titken Haferbier
Level Designer: Rasmus Lund
Lead Game Programmer: Martin Paprocki
Game Programmer: Kasper Møller Andersen, Steffen Dalbro Eriksen, Jannik Faarkrog, Rasmus Søgaard Jacobsen, Morten Bak Kristoffersen, Mikkel Holm Søgaard, Martin Sørensen
Art Director: Caroline Fangel
Animator: Nimrod Ariel
CG Artist: Martin Mogensen
CG Artist: Antoni Nygaard
Audio Designer & Composer: Henriette Lønn Jenssen
Business Developer: Maria Drakidis
Project Manager: Annette Corpuz Breum

Thank you to:
Associate composer: Valdemar Schultz Andreasen
Voice-actor: Jacob Lohmann
VibeFM, for letting us borrow their recording studio

Horizon Gameplay DADIU 2012