HOTAH is a 2D/3D puzzle platformer.
The Tree of Life is dying and Hotah is tasked by the great ancestors to save it, To save the tree, Hotah must capture the powers of nature and thereby heal the tree.

Game Director: Amaile Næsby
Game designer: Rasmus Juhl Kallesøe
Lead Programmer: Niels Jeppesen
Programmer: Pawel Brezinski
Alex Hauge
Karthikeyan Subramanian
Ana Todor
Art Director:  Jeppe Sørensen
Animation: Marco Berkenhagen
Velisalava Kovatcheva
Lead Character Designer: Henrik Kallenberg
Lead Environment Designer: Anders Steffensen
Lighting and FX: Marco Berkenhagen
CG Artist: Velisalava Kovatcheva
Andreas Siboni
Audio Designer and Composer : Troels Nygaard
Project Manager: Troels Ersted Rasmussen
Voice Acting: Brian Patterson
Storyboard: Snorre Krogh
Story Editing: Nikolaj Feifer, Jakob Rasmussen
Story Consultant: Thomas Glud
Translation: Anna Gerd Petersen
Business Developers: Sabrina Nissen Sagoo, Jesper Mygind

Hotah Gameplay DADIU 2012