One day, a child playing in a sandbox digs a hole into a cavern beneath the playground. Not the sort to turn down the promise of adventure, the kid jumps into the hole and finds himself in a workshop, overlooking an enormous construction vehicle. The industrous child fashions weapons from the items around the workshop and sets out on a journey to China along the shortest possible route: through the very core of the Earth. But the kid is not alone down here, and strange creatures native to this underground environment are trying to stop him from reaching his destination.

Game Director: Kristian Nordentoft
Game Designer: Jonas Herløv Wæver
Project Manager: Ali Emek
Lead Programmer: Jakob Udsholt
Programmer: Olivier Rouiller
Programmer: Rune Jensen
Programmer: Steen Nordsmark Pedersen
Animator: Kristoffer Mikkelsen
Art Director: Nikolaj Weitze Severin
CG Artist: August F. Kristinsson
CG Artist: Peter Egeberg
Visual Designer: Stephanie Degiorgio
Audio Designer and Composer: Janus Novak Olesen
Voice-over: Joseph, Aske, Carla, Kristin, Lunus, and Miklos.