Ion, a golden robot, falls from the sky and lands in a junkyard.
A white fox becomes her friend and teaches her about the living world. The junkyard is ruled by ruthless robots. But where do they come from? Ion sets out to discover the secret of the machines.

Game Director: Peter Lopes Andersson
Game Designer: Corinne Skjærbæk
Lead Game Programmer: Peter Frydenlund Madsen
Game Programmers: Eric Baffour, Iasonas Zotos, Jacob Kjær, Mateusz Swirski, Rune Andersen
Art Director: Anna Bodonyi
Visual Designer: Anders Stoltenberg Frang
Animator: Espen Sørensen
CG Artists: Martin Skov Ansdal, Peter Timming, Samuel Franks
Audio Designer and Composer: Casper Hagen Kristensen
Project Manager: Simon Toftdahl Olesen
Business Developers: Jonas Dainauskas, Rachel Jørgensen

Ion Gameplay DADIU 2012