Karin and the Hidden Lake

A girl enters the forest to pick flowers during midsummer night . She expects to gain knowledge about the man she will grow up and marry.

Karin and the Hidden Lake is an explorer game for the target group women in ages around 35. The universe is inspired by the fairytales of the Swedish and Nordic folklore with a deep and magical forest, where mysterious things can happen. Central for the game is the relationship between a woman in her upper teenagers and her mirror-image in the magical lake in the forest, the woman as five years old.

The player is Karin, who must use her inner child to overcome the dangers of the woods.


Director: Petter Madegård
Game Designer: Bjørn Pallund
Project Manager: Bjarni Jensen
Lead Programmer: Martin Gjaldbæk
Programmer: Mikkel B. Andersen
Programmer: André T. Johansen
Lead Visual Designer: Benjamin Magnussen
Lead Modeler: Bo M. Schou-Nielsen
Modeler: Lisa Jørgensen
Modeler: Mikael Ilnæs
Lead Animator: Rie C. Nymand
Animator: Tue T. Sørensen
Audio Designer: Jakub Cioslowski