Little Barker the stray dog lives in the slum quarters of Moscow. The cold and icy winter was coming, where only snow and blizzards roam the streets. Every day is a battle for survival for Little Barker, and besides looking for food she also has to be aware of the dogcatcher. How would Little Barker come to survive the coming winter?

Game Director: Touraj Haji Khosravi
Game Designer: Rasmus Storgaard Pedersen
Lead Programmer: Rune A. Juel Mønnike
Programmer: Harald Sigh Andertun
Programmer and Voice Actor: Mads Vestergaard Carlsen
Programmer and Ass. Puzzle Designer: Tommy Paaske Hansen
Programmer: Justinas Murzinas
Programmer and CG Artist: Veselin Mihaylov
Art Director: Christopher Ege
Animator: Kristina Stengaard Jørgensen
CG Artist: Sonny Sander Bundgård
CG Artist: Martin Fink-Jensen
CG Artist: Teis Johannesson Mørup
Audio Designer: Egil Sandfeld Gregersen
Project Manager: Per Lac Cam Trinh
Business Developer: Agne Gilyte, George Carstoiu
Voice Actor: Narrator: Mikhail Belinson

Special Thanks:
All the tester for Little Barker
Proofreading: Lavinia Sella

Little Barker Poster DADIU 2012