Neonomads is a freemium strategic- and real-time tactical game with roguelike elements. Be the leader of a nomadic tribe in a post-apocalyptic world and command a party of fighters, who fight based on their personalities. Engage in strategic resource and equipment managing combined with real time exploration and tactical combat.

Credits listed alphabetically

Nanna Lehmann Brundtø - Business Developer
Nicolai Dahl - Programmer
Kristian Grimm - CG Artist
Rasmus Haarlev - Lead Programmer
Sebastian Mosegaard Hannibal - Animator
Christian Reinhardt Hansen - Programmer
John Ireland - Programmer
Yasmin Tida Iversen - QA and UR Manager
Nils Rungholm Jensen - Level Designer
Thomas Eriksen Kallevig - Project Manager
Tea Tse Yan Kau - Art Director
Tobias Klinge Kjær - CG Artist
Riccardo Loggini - Programmer
Casper Hofmann Larsen - Business Developer
Andreea Muscalagiu - Programmer
Lasse Rasmussen - CG Artist
Peter Scheel - Programmer
Daniel Kjær Ricken Thiesen - Game Designer
Agnes Rachel Trier - Game Director
Christian Tronhjem - Audio Designer
Veselin Ivaylov Yovchev - Programmer