Nevermore is a short game for PC.
In the game you control the little girl Anna that is being bullied at school and decides to take drastic action.
Nevermore the game is a typical hack ‘n slash game with a twist.

Director: Troels Cederholm
Game Designer: Michelle Maria Langkilde
Project Manager: Adis Palic
Lead Visual Designer: Simone Cecilie Møller
Visual Designer: Alexander Kramerov
Lead Audio Designer and Composer: Andreas Arenholt Bindslev
Lead Game Programmer: Dannie Korsgaard
Game Programmer: Uni Dahl
Game Programmer: Pawel Bak Lead Animator: Mikkel Aabenhus
Animator: Ercan Bozdogan
Lead Modeler: Frederik Bjerre-Poulsen
Modeler: Martin Holm-Grevy
Voice Actor: Tue Toft Sørensen