Save the day: Play Me! November 13

The PLAY ME! seminar takes a kaleidoscopic view on the different stakeholders in bridging the gap between game and audience: publishers, platform owners, curators crowdfunding facilitators, game journalists, and, of course, developers.
Play Me! takes place at the Danish Film Institute on November 13 from 1pm to 5:30pm.

DADIU 2018 Dates

A little more than 100 students from universities and art schools in all of Denmark start their DADIU semester on August 29th.
The semester runs until December 13th with classes and productions in both Copenhagen and Aalborg.

Invitation: SpilBar 37: The Game of AI

AI holds the potential to revolutionize game experiences, yet we are still struggling to make computers play games as well as humans. For this SpilBar we have invited a handful of Danish developers to share how they experiment, work, play and screw up with AI. And perhaps resistance is not only futile but also fun. Join us for SpilBar 37 on May 2nd for three insights on this.