Aside from great talks and drinks sponsored by Press Play, SpilBar 18 will feature a bunch of new Danish games and a launch of the card game Wanted: Igor.

The game was conceived during Nordic Game Jam 2013 by the team Kvasir Games, which now are ready for the worldwide release of the game. Read more about all the five new games below – and expect more surprises ar SpilBar on Thursday. Read more about the launch on Facebook here.

See details about SpilBar 18 here

Max and the Curse of Brotherhood – by Press Play

As the first Danish game for Microsofts brand new console Xbox One, Max and the Curse of Brotherhood is a creative platformer, where you have to draw your own platforms in order to save your younger brother.

Wanted: Igor! – by Kvasir Games

A monster building game where players take turns playing cards in order to create as many creatures as possible under Dr. Frankenstein’s orders. And yeah: you can craft the most crazy bizarre creatures imaginable. Unleash your inner Igor!

XTODIE – by Julie Heyde

Norse mythology based Oculus Rift game, where you’re up against the Fenris wolf and Loki. Remember to bring your Mjolnir and mad hammer-skills.

Timewaster – by Kristian Hedeholm

A experimental game about wasting time. Nuff said – let´s waste more time together.

Get the gold – by Jeppe Sørensen

A 4 player co-op action game developed by three students from the Danish School of Design .
The plot is both genius and simple: 4 aliens invade a castle to steal gold and smash knights! Hey – what’s not to like?