Introducing: DADIU Talks

We have been working on it for a long time and are exstatic to present DADIU Talks, DADIU’s online lectures aimed at our students located in all of Denmark.
Being a DADIU student means commuting from all of the country so we are happy to have found a way to eliminate a few travelling days.

Inspired by TED Talks and other online lectures, we are happy to invite the rest of the world in. We have done our best in selecting great speakers. Sit back and enjoy – and feel free to spread the word.
We will be adding more talks as we go along.

The first three DADIU Talks with Thomas Howalt, Anne Mette Thorhauge, and Miguel Sicart have been produced in Copenhagen in August 2011. Producing lectures this way takes a large team – a big thanks to everyone involved, especially to the amazing director of the DADIU Talks, Helle Pagter, and to the three speakers: Thomas, Anne Mette and Miguel for agreeing to participate. As everyone can see, they did an impressive job.

As a special feature we have Gunnar Wille Talks. A lot of locals will know Gunnar Wille, who is not only the head of DADIU and the Animation Department but a long term contributor to the world of art and entertainment – from childrens TV to online fragmented storytelling.

DADIU Talk Director Helle Pagter and Miguel Sicart at the recording. 

DADIU Talk Director Helle Pagter and Miguel Sicart at the recording.