A number of the people behind Back to Bed and Blackwell’s Asylum will be in San Francisco for the World’s greatest videogames conference,Game Developers Conference, that runs alongside The Independent Games Festival next week. The teams will be showing their games at the IGF Pavilion in GDC’s expo area.

Both games are nominated in the Student Showcase-category at The Independent Games Festival. The games were developed during the DADIU program in the fall of 2013 and have since received a lot of praise. This fall, both games were nominated for the Ducth Game Award in the Guts and Glory-category – Back to Bed won the prize. Back to Bed was also nominated for  Nordic Game Indie Night 2012 and for the Best Student Project at Unite 2012.

Blackwell’s Asylum won the KnowInG Creativity-prize at  Gaming Forum in Greece in 2012 and  Intel’s Level Up-competition. The latter got the games shown at E3 and onto Steam’s demo area.

Business and Kickstarter
Since developing the games, a bunch of the developers have finished their studies. Some of the people behind Back to Bed have participated in DADIU’s Greenhouse and after this set up their own company called Bedtime Gaming. They also just recently crowdfundet via Kickstarter where they collected over US 12.000 to develop the game for iPad and other platforms.

About Independent Games Festival
Independent Games Festival takes place in San Francisco on March 25.-29. 2013 alongside the Game Developers Conference. The games will be exhibited in the expo part of the conference. At a prize ceremony on March 27th, the winners will be announced.

This year’s Independent Games Festival is number fifteen. DADIU has been nominated three times before: Flipside (2008), Dish Washington (2009), and Puzzle Bloom (2010).
See the full list of this year’s nominees here: http://igf.com/2013/01/2013_independent_games_festiva_3.html

Blackwell’s Asylum was initially called just Blackwell but changed the name to avoid confusion with the Blackwell series.