This week Back to Bed launches for iOS (both iPhone and iPad) and Android (mobile and tablet).

Back to Bed was originally developed as a DADIU production in 2011. Since then the game has got several nominations including one for IGF. They also won an award in the Guts and Glory Category at The Dutch Game Award, and raised funding on both the Danish crowdfunding platform Booomerang and the international Kickstarter. The team also went through DADIU's Greenhouse programme to prepare them for becoming a game developer. The team behind is now called Bedtime Gaming and is a fullfledged company with six people based in Aalborg, Denmark. They are currently working on their new title.

Back to Bed was launched on Steam in the beginning of this month, and as of this week it will also be available for iOS and Android.
Back to Bed is the second DADIU title that becomes a commercial game. The other one is Blendimals, that was launches earlier this year.

Get Back to Bed for iPad og iPhone here.
Get Back to Bed from Andrid (mobile and tablet) here.

Back to Bed is receiving a lot of praise:

Back to Bed manages to simultaneously be predictable and surprising, sleepy and lively, scary and comforting—just like any good piece of Surrealist art.
— Kill Screen Magazine
Back to Bed is (in that way) a classic puzzle game. In the best moments the solution to the puzzles gives you a revelation that levitates the game to being a true gem.
— Thomas Berger in Computerworld
With Back to Bed Danish Bedtime Digital Games has created a personal and unforgettable universe, that dares to set itself apart from other games both in terms of style, ambience and design.
— Thomas Vigild in Weekendavisen