The new graduation games will again be made for tablet. The other constraints are that they will be Free2Play and Casual.
In reality the games - as student productions - will still be completely free without any paid elements - but Free2Play will have to be intergrated into the gameplay.
These new constaints were presented to the new students at the intro workshop at Askov Højskole last week.
Journalist Jesper Krogh Kristiansen from Nordic Game Bits asked DADIU's teacher Thomas Howalt to explain the decision. 
Read the full interview here.

We have done this for several reasons. We need the students to have a deeper understanding of the market earlier in the process, and as a central factor in the game design. Games need players, and we have previously seen the market being percieved as something very abstract.
— Thomas Howalt, Teacher in DADIU, in interview with Jesper Krogh Kristiansen, Nordic Game Bits