Blendimals was originally developed as a DADIU Graduation Game. Last year it launched locally, and now it is ready for its international launch. As of May 6th it is available in App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Most of the developers that worked on the new version of Blendimals are from the old DADIU team. Blendimals also recieved some help in the process from DADIU Greenhouse

With Blendimals we wanted to create something really special - a silly and simple yet deep and engaging mobile game experience with lots of heart and soul ... and a bit of Danish humor.
— Dennis Nielsen, Creative Director, Exploding Cow - and DADIU alumnus

Dennis Nielsen, Creative Directer at Exploding Cow and Game Director on the DADIU production of Blendimals, explains the process from a student production to a full fledged game:

"DADIU played an essential role in the creation of Blendimals. Way back in march 2011 we were a bunch students from all across Denmark who gathered in a classroom at University of Copenhagen. The original idea for Blendimals was sparked somewhere between one of our many brainstorming sessions and the day I made a drawing of an elephant-bat-mole flying out of a kitchen blender.

DADIU was an interesting setup as none of us really knew each other beforehand and we all had very different educational backgrounds. But we made it work, thanks to our clearly defined roles on the project, lots of coffee, cake, board game nights, and of course our crazy game concept that we all fell in love with. Eventually we became a strong team.

DADIU played an essential role in the creation of Blendimals. Way back in march 2011 we were a bunch students from all across Denmark who gathered in a classroom at University of Copenhagen.
— Dennis Nielsen

The long DADIU production was an intense, but amazing learning experience as we were racing against time, struggling to cram all of our brilliant ideas into our little game. In the end we succeeded in creating Blendimals as a tiny browser game with 9 levels.
It was clear to everyone that it would take a lot more time and effort to make Blendimals live up to its true potential, and so, half of us decided to continue working on the game This time with the goal of making Blendimals a commercial release for the mobile market.

DADIU Greenhouse helped us kick things off, offering hardware and software, as well as a workspace in Aalborg for a limited period of time, just long enough for us to figure out how to handle a game production all on our own."

Blendimals is not the only DADIU title that has made it to a commercial launch. in 2014 Bedtime Digital Games in Aalborg launched Back to Bed - based on a DADIU Graduation Game as well. They are currently working on their new title. Both games participated in DADIU Greenhouse after finished DADIU.