The DADIU 2016 games are here - all six games are available for free for Android tablets in Google Play

This year's a little more than 100 DADIU students from universities and art schools in all of Denmark met for the first time in late August for an intro workshop. Ever since they have been working together on all aspects of game development. 

The Graduation Game Production is the last part of the DADIU 2016 Semester and takes place in November and December. The six teams have resided in production rooms at  Aalborg University in Nordkraft, at the IT University in Copenhagen, The Design School, and at the National Film School of Denmark.

Waddle Away
The world faces a massive pollution problem. Now a giant evil corporation blames all penguins for polluting the planet. Their solution? Kill them all.
The Southpole is now filled with insane death traps, and the innocent, helpless penguins need your guidance to survive their dangerous travel across the ice. 
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Spaced Out!
In the not-too-distant future, an intergalactic space station is hit by a rogue asteroid. Dave the clumsy astronaut and his unwilling AI companion GAL must evacuate the station. But they have a problem: Dave doesn’t have his keys.
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The Worst Knight
To avoid the superficial princess, you have to become the worst knight in the kingdom by causing as much chaos in as little time as possible.
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Neonomads is a freemium strategic- and real-time tactical game with roguelike elements. Be the leader of a nomadic tribe in a post-apocalyptic world and command a party of fighters, who fight based on their personalities. Engage in strategic resource and equipment managing combined with real time exploration and tactical combat.
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Quest of the Guardian
Pick up your weapon and take back the temple! You take the role of a temple guardian in a time where the temple is under attack from evil spirit-eaters. You must take your magical spear and repel these evil-doers so the peace once again can fill this sacred place.
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Royal Rampage
Royal Rampage is a thrilling action game, inspired by temperament, destruction. Step in the shoes as the Queen who has had enough everything. Let your frustrations out on your royal surroundings, use your time wisely to destroy as much as possible before you must pose as a proper Queen again.
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