Uprise won Best Showcase at last night's Spilprisen 2016 award show in Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. 
The game was produced in the fall of 2015 during the six weeks Graduation Game Production - the last part of the DADIU semester. The Uprise team was composed of 16 students from universities and art schools in all of Denmark. The team was in place to receive their award on stage.

About the Showcase category: This award goes to a non-commercial game developed by either a group or an individual. The games in this category are student games, demos, prototypes or games developed during Game Jams. The winner of Showcase is a game that showcases the most talent, the coolest creativity and the best playable presentation of skill and craftmanship.

List of all the winners.

Uprise is available for iPad and Android tablet. Read more and get it.

Spilprisen is The Danish Producer's Association. It is a tribute to the best, most creative and innovative Danish games. 

DADIU had four nominations at Spilprisen 2016 - aside from Uprise, Spoken and Blobbers were also nominated in Spilprisen's Showcase category. Uprise was also nominated in the Best Game in Danish category.