Two of the six games produced in DADIU 2016 are now available in App Store. Both games were produced during the six weeks Graduation Game production. The games were launched for Android devices in December 2016, and are now available for iPads and iPhones.

Waddle Away
The world faces a massive pollution problem. Now a giant evil corporation blames all penguins for polluting the planet. Their solution? Kill them all.
The Southpole is now filled with insane death traps, and the innocent, helpless penguins need your guidance to survive their dangerous travel across the ice. 
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Spaced Out!
In the not-too-distant future, an intergalactic space station is hit by a rogue asteroid. Dave the clumsy astronaut and his unwilling AI companion GAL must evacuate the station. But they have a problem: Dave doesn’t have his keys.
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