We are happy to present the DADIU 2017 games. The games have been developed by approx. 100 students from universities and art schools in all of Denmark as part of their DADIU semester.
The games are developed over a 6-week period as the last component in DADIU. Before the Graduation Game production, the students have been through two smaller productions and a number of classes and workshops to prepare them for the final endeavor.

The games are produced for Android tablets. As a new element in 2017, one of the games is produced for VR. 
The Productions have taken place at Aalborg University in Nordkraft, at the IT University in Copenhagen, at The Royal Danish Academy, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, and at the National Film School of Denmark.


Mýr is an interactive experience that takes the player 10.000 years back in time, to the Stone Age of Scandinavia. As the spirit of the marsh you manipulate the fog and mud, shaping the expedition of two hungry hunters.
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Fimbul ´91
Take on the role of the god of mischief Loki himself. Reunite your family to get your long awaited revenge. Fool the resistant Einherjar before they stop you!
Fimbul '91 is an adventure roleplaying game in which manipulation and strategy are the main focus.
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Still Here
Still Here is an interactive storytelling about dealing with grief and loss and how small things in life can help us letting go and move on. As the player it is your job to explore Mark and Susie’s life by interacting with different objects in their apartment. The more details about their life together you reveal, the closer you get to help Mark move on from the dark place of sorrow he is in. By doing so, the light can shine through his life again.
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After following a friend into the woods and losing sight of her, you find yourself on your own with no sense of direction. Use the trees of the forest to find trinkets left by your friend, and confront the dangerous bear, in order to find your way.
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Project Dyson
In Project Dyson the human race has expanded over the multiple solar systems. A single technician is sent to fulfill their duty. Surveying and completing the final stage of conversion, using their advanced holographic eyes to interface with the world around them.
Project Dyson is made for Gear VR and will be available in the Oculus Store soon.
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This 2-player game requires you to cooperate in order to rescue the souls of your friends and family! One controls the lighthouse, whose light burns the demons, the other sails the boat that ferries the helpless souls. Journey into the heart of a savage Norse world flooded by the Gods!
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