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Creative sparks are flying when engineers and artists – technology and creativity – meet. The collaboration between universities and art schools brings impressive and interesting results.

From Eros’ Arrows - one of six Graduation Games.

From Eros’ Arrows - one of six Graduation Games.

Games are a cultural phenomenon reaching wider than ever before. People are playing on mobiles, tablets, computers and consoles more and more and across all demographics – everyone likes to play sometimes.

A lot has happened since Danish IO Interactive had their first major global success in the 90s with the Hitman franchise. Both the creative and the business side have gotten better along with a professionalization of the industry, and in Denmark, parts of the professionalization may be traced back to the national games education, DADIU.

DADIU is short for The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment and is a collaboration between The National Film School of Denmark, The School of Design at The Royal Danish Academy, DTU, The IT- University, Truemax as well as a number of educations at Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University. See the full list of all of the DADIU educations.

Students from all these educations can apply for a semester at DADIU, where they learn to be part of a professional team and develop computer games just like in a real game studio.

Innovative collaboration strengthens the creative industry at its roots
Earlier this year the Danish government created a growth team to strengthen the creative businesses, and DADIU is a great example of an innovative collaboration that strengthens the creative industry already at its roots.

In DADIU the focus is on collaboration, leadership, technology and creativity. The students get a valuable hands-on experience with game development and production that is completely different from the more theoretical approach at the universities. In that way DADIU creates a foundation for getting – or creating – a job in the creative businesses.

At DADIU the students from different backgrounds are split in teams where the students not only meet other professionals but also collaborate across specialized fields. And the creative sparks fly when engineers and artists meet. The collaboration between the universities and art schools gives impressive and interesting results. A recent alumni survey showed that 75% of the alumni were employed within the first six months after graduation, and 91% of the DADIU alumni would recommend the programme to others.

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