From the game Eventide

From the game Eventide

Here is an overview of the six DADIU 2018 Graduation Games all available for Android phones and tablets.
All games were produced in six weeks as the last part of the DADIU 2018 semester.

Traces is an open-world exploration game for mobile, focused on the experience of diverse player movement. Use your shield to slide, surf and glide. We feature a coming of age story, set in an African-inspired desolate desert, where you play as the last member of an extinct civilization.
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In Edge of Sanity you are tasked with feeding your Old God with souls. Invade the homes of your unsuspecting victims, but be careful, their feeble minds will be blown by the mere sight of you, and your masters don’t like wasted blood - they always hunger. 
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Assume the role of a powerful Shadow Monk and delve deep into the mysterious realm of Eventide. In this fast-paced action game, you will have to master the power of the dash if you want to make it out alive and ascend to mastery!
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Heartfelt is an isometric puzzle game in which you interact with the world by using your heart. You throw it in order to open new paths, lure enemies, and advance through the levels. However, it is vulnerable: if the enemies get to it, they'll do damage! 
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After Dating Apps made his job practically unnecessary, Eros – the God of Love – fell into a midlife crisis, drinking and watching unhappy people in bars.
He needs your help!
Match people together with the Love God’s arrows to make the bar a place of love.
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Night Painter is a 3D side-scrolling platform game set in the imaginary world of little Kiddo, where a dark creature has removed all colours. You play as Kiddo for a dreamy adventure where the colours you paint with, influences how you move around and where you can go.
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