Anne Mette Thorhauge

Anne Mette Thorhauge

As of today, Anne Mette Thorhauge is the new chairman of the DADIU steering group. She succeeds Finn Verner Jensen, Professor Emeritus from Aalborg University who has been the chairman since 2009.
Anne Mette Thorhauge is the chairman of the Media Council for Children and Young People and a speaker and debater on digital media. We asked her some questions to give us a picture of who she is, and where she wants to take DADIU.

What is your background?
- I am an associate professor in communication and IT at University of Copenhagen. I am also the chairman of the national Media Council for Children and Young People. I was also, back when I wrote my Ph.D. about computer games part of founding DADIU in its original form, and I have been following DADIU closely ever since.

You just became the chairman of DADIU’s steering group. What makes DADIU special?
- DADIU is a unique collaboration between universities and art schools – I don’t know of any similar programmes anywhere. The DADIU semester - where students from different schools and educations work together around developing games - gives the students hands-on experience with complex innovation processes and collaboration across professional boundaries. That is something that is very sought after these days.  At the same time DADIU is a place for experiments and creativity, which is a benefit to the educations, the games industry, and all the related industries.

What is your vision for DADIU?
- My vision is to maintain DADIU as an attractive education programme and as a good workplace for the employees. As part of this I want to strengthen the relationship to the member schools and universities, the games industry and the related industries. During the 12 years DADIU have existed it has had a close collaboration with the games industry – I wish to continue this as it is keeping us agile and able to look into themes and technological developments happening in the area and move the education in that direction.
DADIU’s focus is on digital interactive education. Where do you think the digital visual industry in Denmark is going?

- The games industry is constantly moving forward and growing in relation to business models and technical solutions as well as creative expressions. Everything points toward that this development will continue, and that there will be room for development and innovation in this space between the games industry and related industries.

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