The admission process for the DADIU semester in the fall of 2019 is now open. Click on the button below to apply. The deadline is April 1 at midnight.

The application takes place online in Varbi. Note that you can change the language in Varbi at the top right corner. Applicants are asked about which education they come from and what competence they are applying for. There is also a question about one’s experience in Unity. Note that proficiency in Unity is not a requirement.

Applicants for positions as Project ManagersGame & Level Designers, Art Directors/Visual Designers and QA & UR Managers are asked to upload a letter of motivation (max 1 A4 page) and a CV.
Make sure to have this ready when you start the admission process.

Applicants for those positions will also be invited to an interview. As preparation for the interview, there will be a small assignment.

Interviews are conducted on the following days:
Applicants from ITU, AAU in Copenhagen, and KADK: April 8, 9 and 11 in Copenhagen
Applicants from Aarhus University: April 10 in Aarhus
Applicants from all Aalborg University: April 23 and 24 in Aalborg


To apply for DADIU, you must be a student at one of DADIU's member Educations. Below is a diagram of what you can apply for.

As a new element for 2019, the Game Designers and Level Designers are being merged into one competence that will consist of three people, all called Game & Level Designers.