What's SpilBar without any games? Just a bar really... 

That's why we ask you to show your own cool, experimental, awesome, or otherwise interesting games at SpilBar. The next one is on January 29th in the Film House.

The rules are simple: 
Setup the game yourself. We will provide power, a table and early access to the Film House (around 15:30). The rest is up to you.
Man the game yourself. The games will begin after the last speaker (around 18:30).

SpilBar is a cozy and informal meeting place for the Danish game industry and friends. We have a max cap of five games for each SpilBar, so there will be a short, but swift selection process handled by the organizers.

Sign up here

Deadline is January 26th. We will then get back to you on January 27.

First ask your Common Sense, then your friends, lastly Google. 
Otherwise mail Thomas Vigild at vigild@gmail.com.