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Press Release

DADIU 2016 count down - Sneak Peek from the games

The six 2016 DADIU Graduation Games are ready soon. The deadline is Friday, December 9h, where the teams will upload their six games to Google Play. The games will be presented to an invited audience on December 15th.

Graduation Games 2015

Presenting the DADIU 2015 Graduation Games! This year’s Graduation Games also mark DADIU's 10-years anniversary, and the six games are a good indication of how far DADIU has come since the establishment in 2005.

Great stories and Strong Gameplay in the New Graduation Games from DADIU

Press Release

DADIU is proud to present the six new graduation games. For the first time ever, the games are developed for tablet.

The games were developed as the final element in the DADIU program, where students from art schools and universities in all of Denmark have been focusing on computer games.

Game critic at the Danish newspaper Weekendavisen, Thomas Vigild, is impressed with the new games: 'The creative challenge of developing for tablets have made the graduation games stronger. Several of them have very inspiring sparks of something quite provocative and are challenging the boundaries for tablet games.'

Satire and Film Noir
Developing tablet games is completely new for DADIU, and it has been a big challenge for the students. But the results are impressive and covers a wide array of topics from a satire game about killing pandas to confronting your own fear.

In Punish Panda you have to kill pandas, who – according to the game – are behind everything evil, but has managed to hide it. In The Printer Guy you have to keep the rhythm and help the Printer Guy maintain his job. In Saviour of Asgaard you travel to the Underworld to save the godess Idunn. In My Fear and I you play the seven year old Sebastian, who is confronting his worst fear. In SunTowers you are building towers to defend a village, and in A Darker Shade of Red you help the privat eye Mulder track down the night club singer Lu-Ann.

'The variation in the themes and expressions of the graduation games – from blood dripping satire and viking bashing to inspiring detective mysteries and psykological nightmares – shows a team of talented Danish Game developers daring to create personal narratives as well as strong gameplay.'

Also for iPad
The games were developed for Android with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as the target platform.
Follwing the DADIU program the students can choose to publish the games on iPad as well.

The games are available for Android in Google Play here.

The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment has been around since 2005. Since then the format has changed from consisting of two shorter productions to a full semester of games.
Since August, this year’s group of 103 students from the IT University in Copenhagen, The National Film School of Denmark, Aarhus University , Aalborg University, University of Copenhagen, DTU, The Academy of Fine Arts, and TRUEMAX Academy has been spending all their time focusing on computer games. They have had classes, workshops, and as the last element they have participated in a large game production resulting in the six graduation games. For the production they have worked in six almost professional teams from November till now.

In the past, DADIU games have won numerous nominations at International festivals such as Indiecade, Penny Arcade Expo and IGF – earlier this year DADIUs latest batch of games got two nominations at IGF.
All of the games are developed in Unity. They are available for Android here.
Pics from the games and productions are available here:

For further information, please contact DADIU’s Head of Studies, Kristine Ploug
Phone: +45 26210661.

DADIU to Make Tablet Games



When the new batch of DADIU students create their graduation games later this year, they will be making games for tablets.

After many years with browser games, DADIU has decided to test out new grounds. The games will be made for Android tablets with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 as the target platform, but the teams can choose to put the game out on iOS afterwards as well.

The Danish Games journalist, Jesper Krogh Kristiansen, backs the development. ’It makes a lot of sense for DADIU to move into tablet development. First of all because it is where the games industry – both locally and internationally – is moving. But also because it will make the journey from student production to commercial game developer much shorter’.

The New Games will be ready in December

The more than 100 new DADIU students will be starting in late August. They are coming from all of DADIU’s member institutions and will be spending the semester immersed in games. In November and December, they will be working on the graduation games. The new graduation games will be available for Android from December 13th, where Jesper Krogh Kristiansen and everyone else can play them. ’Personally, I look forward to seeing what games the students will develop in this new format. DADIU is known for its high artistic level so I am quite intrigued to see what they will do with the touch interface.’


The games will still be made in the Unity engine.

See the Graduation Games from the previous years here.

For further information, please contact DADIU’s Head of Studies Kristine Ploug
Phone: +45 26210661.