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Save the Date: Player: The Annual Play Seminar

The annual PLAY seminar is back. This year we focus on a key part of game design: The Player. 
We have a great line-up of competent people in this field. The speakers are game writer Meg Jayanth, gamer data analyst Nick Yee, game researcher Bob de Schutter and more.

Invitation: Play for Real

For the 11th time, DADIU is co-organizing the annual Play seminar. This year about games with an agenda.

Save the Date: Play for Real

The annual Play seminar takes place on October 21st in Copenhagen. The headline is Play for Real, and the topic is games with an agenda. Among the speakers are Erin Hoffman and Vander Caballero. 

Play X

Play X

On October 1st DADIU, Creative Europe, and Spilordningen hosted Play X with an amazing list of speakers. The topic was video games' coming of age.