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Presenting: DADIU 2016 Games

The DADIU 2016 games are here - all six games are available for free for Android tablets in Google Play
The Graduation Games is the last part of the DADIU 2016 Semester and are produced in November and December. 

Live Broadcast from the Info Meeting in Copenhagen

The info meeting about DADIU 2016 will be broadcasted live via Twitch as a service to future students unable to make it to this week's meetings in Aalborg, Aarhus, and Copenhagen. We are live from the meeting at the National Film School of Denmark today at 15:00 - the video will remain online for a while after as well.

Info Meeting about DADIU 2016

All students interested in applying for DADIU this year, are invited to join us for an info meeting about the semester. There will be meetings in Aalborg (February 22nd), Aarhus (February 23rd), and Copenhagen (february 24th). No sign up needed - just show up at one of the meetings.

Graduation Games 2015

Presenting the DADIU 2015 Graduation Games! This year’s Graduation Games also mark DADIU's 10-years anniversary, and the six games are a good indication of how far DADIU has come since the establishment in 2005.

10 years of Educating Future Game Developers

In 2015 DADIU has been educating future game developers for 10 years. We are celebrating with all the founders and collaborators from along the way in connection with the presentation of this year's games.