Bedtime Digital Games started out as a DADIU team in 2011. Their graduation game, Back to Bed, won a lot of praise including a nomination at The Independent Games Festival in 2012. 
Since then a bunch of the original team mates have set up a full fledged company backed by an investment from CAPNOVA Game Invest.

More than 100.000 have downloaded the game that is close to having brought in 2 million DKK in its first year.
— From Berlingske Business

Back to Bed was launched in a full version for a number of platforms this fall, and the Aalborg based team is working on their next title Dreamfactory.

Our first game is a niche game, even though it has a lot of downloads. Rather than trying to mass market it by selling it off cheaply, we want to engage a quality audience. In terms of numbers our target audience is smaller but on a global level it is still big. And we reach it because we launch on all platforms. That will also be the case with Dreamfactory.
— Klaus Pedersen in Berlingske Business